Buying Contact Lenses Online

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Contact lenses are getting more popular with most of the people as they provide you with better vision and freedom to do various types of activities in any weather condition. These contact lenses are easy to use and are worn directly upon the eyes. There are many websites using which you can buy contacts online. These online contact lens websites provide you with many types of benefits and services. Some of the services that you can use are listed below.

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Variety of colours: These contact lenses are made available in many varieties of colours that you can use. They provide you with many types of attractive colours that you can use to make your eyes look beautiful as well as provide you with all around crystal clear vision. You can choose green, brown, blue shade contact lens to enhance your looks.

Attractive discounts: These online websites provide you with many attractive discounts that you can avail at the time of buying contact lenses. Each lens pack type provides you with different offers and discounts. So in order to save the maximum amount of money on your online shopping of contact lenses, you need to visit the website on a regular basis to grab the best deal.

Free delivery: Most of the websites do provide their users with free delivery directly to their house, so you need not to worry about any kind of extra expenses or hidden cost on your bill. You can check for the locations where the delivery is free of cost.

Laron Syndrome- Hope for Prevention of Cancer and Diabetes

A small group of people in Ecuador suffer from Laron Syndrome, a genetic disorder that makes them shorter than the average person. This syndrome seems to protect them against diabetes and cancer. Of the 100 people only one has died of cancer.

Dr. Jaime Guevara-Aguirre, who has been studying the Laron group for three decades, believes the genetic makeup/ composition of these people could help prevent cancer and diabetes. The goal is to extract the anti-disease properties of Laron syndrome into a medicine.

Laron patients have a defect in the hormone receptor. This receptor is supposed to bind the growth hormone and produce a substance called insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). The Laron patients do not have IGF-1 because there is no binding.

Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Relation

Low Vitamin D levels can cause problems in women. A research conducted by Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto measured the Vitamin D levels in the blood of 500+ women when they were having their breast cancer diagnosis. The study showed that women with no evidence of the disease were the ones with adequate levels of Vitamin D.

Hence it means that a healthy and good level of Vitamin D is important than just maintaining strong bones. It has to be noted that vitamin D does not help treat Breast cancer so if you have breast cancer it will not help having supplements. The study also show women with high levels of Vitamin D are more at risk of succumbing to the disease.

Between 400-600IU is a good amount of Vitamin D a person should get. The easiest source would be 15 minutes in the sun. Some food contain Vitamin D like fish) mackerel, tuna and salmon, Beef liver and egg yolks.